Your feet and diabetes

The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated in 2018, that 5% of Australians have type 2 Diabetes mellitus. That is equal to one million Australians. Diabetes in fact, is the fastest growing disease in Australia. Currently two hundred and eighty Australians are diagnosed every day. How does this relate to Podiatry, you may well ask?

Type two Diabetes mellitus is a progressive disease. As the pancreas fails to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, blood glucose rises. It also causes a lowering of the good cholesterol (HDL) and a rise in the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. This leads to a hardening and narrowing of blood vessels in the legs, compromising blood supply to your feet. Both high blood glucose and high levels of bad cholesterol plus the toxic effects of their metabolic by-products they generate, damages nerves in your feet.

The combined effect can result in numbness, tingling and painful feet.
Also, an increased risk of bacterial infections, delayed healing and ulceration. In fact, Diabetes Australia quotes four thousand four hundred foot amputations occur every year due to diabetes. There are ten thousand Hospital admissions annually due to diabetes and foot ulcerations.

There is no denying the seriousness of this disease adversely affecting your feet. It is not just a touch of sugar.

Prevention is always better than cure.
So, if you are over fifty five years of age, have diabetes in your family, are of Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal or Pacific Island background or if you had gestational diabetes, you are at a high level of risk in developing type two Diabetes mellitus.

If you smoke cigarettes, have high blood pressure, if your waist circumference is greater than one hundred and two Cm if you are male or greater than eighty eight Cm for a female or if your Body Mass Index is greater than twenty five, you too are at a high risk of diagnosis.

If you are always tired, always hungry, put on weight easily especially around your waist, are slow to heal, have blurred vision and are thirsty, these are the symptoms of type two Diabetes mellitus.

So, see your GP for a test. Eat well, exercise and lose weight. See your Podiatrist, Erica Michaelson at

CHP + R, to assess your foot health or provide a comprehensive diabetic assessment.

Erica Michaelson



Erica consults on all aspects of foot care and lower limb biomechanics, including advice on footwear, running shoes, the assessment of foot posture and orthotic prescription and treatment of foot and lower limb pain. Erica has a special interest in children’s feet, diabetic foot care, skin and nail conditions of the feet and sports and dance injuries.

Erica is very experienced with difficult foot problems and is one of the very few podiatrists endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency to prescribe medications such as anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals and anti-biotics and to perform pain-relieving foot injections.


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