Not all babies develop at the same rate, and sometimes they will not develop in the same way, or the way some would consider standard. There are a number of factors that may impact on a baby’s development, including significant illness, prematurity, difficulty with or a lack of tummy time practice, and a child’s motivation to get moving. There are various milestone dates which have been developed to provide assistance to parents and health professionals when assessing a child’s progress. An example of this type of resource can be found here

(click on the growth and development tab on the left hand side of the page).

If you have any concerns regarding the development of your child, a paediatric physiotherapist is well placed to assess your child, and to provide advice on how to improve and maximise their development.

Our paediatric physiotherapist Brendan has been assessing and treating babies with developmental issues for 23 years at the Royal Children’s Hospital and in private practice, and has the necessary experience to provide the appropriate advice for your child.

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B App Sc (Physio) Grad Cert (Health Services Management) MBA

Brendan is an experienced paediatric Physiotherapist having spent over 23 years working at the Royal Children’s Hospital and privately treating children and adolescents with a range of conditions. He has presented at national and international conferences and is co-author and editor of a book on sporting choices for boys with Haemophilia.

Brendan’s particular expertise is paediatric musculoskeletal issues such as anterior knee pain and sporting injuries, however he also has many years experience treating children with persistent pain, haemophilia and juvenile arthritis. Other interests include advising families on developmental issues regarding concerns such as flat feet, knock-knees and torticollis/wry neck. Children and adolescents requiring rehabilitation following trauma, fractures and surgery would also benefit from Brendan’s expertise and also has experience with complex conditions such as scoliosis and burns management.


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