We are excited about Dónal’s new STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING CLASSES

Strength and Conditioning Classes 

Strength and Conditioning (SnC) classes at Clifton Hill Pilates and Rehab are aimed at people who are looking to improve their physical fitness and performance through high-intensity resistance and cardiovascular training. 

What is Strength and Conditioning? 

SnC improves your physical capacity and performance. We do this by consistently and progressively asking our bodies to adapt to an exercise stimulus. By performing these exercises in a particular way, we can achieve different goals – whether that’s improving your maximal strength, endurance, power or speed.  For example, lifting heavy weights slowly will improve your strength, but performing exercises quickly will be more likely to improve your speed. 

At CHPR, we train several types of physical capacity in each class using a variety of different exercises. 

This is done with individual goals in mind. For example, if you find it difficult to squat due to stiffness in your ankle, we can work on this while modifying your range of movement to ensure you feel comfortable and can gradually progress as your mobility improves. 

Why Should I Start SnC Classes? 

The benefits of being physically stronger and improving your overall fitness are well studied, with resistance training – at least twice per week – now part of the World Health Organisation’s recommendations for people of all ages. You can read more on some of the benefits here, and WHO recommendations here. 

Here are a few of the headline benefits: 

  • Improved muscle size and power 
  • Improved sports performance 
  • Reduced sports injury risk 
  • Improved bone strength 
  • Improved general health and reduced risk of chronic disease 
  • Helps to manage many existing chronic diseases and pain conditions 
  • Fat loss 

SnC Classes at CHPR – How It Works 

Key Features of SnC Classes at CHPR 

  1. Circuit-style class: train key movements and muscles 
  1. Individualised components to fit your goals, current fitness levels and training experience 
  1. Improve your muscle strength, power and mobility 
  1. Duration = 60 minutes 
  1. Designed and lead by expert Physios with additional SnC qualifications 
  1. Small groups – maximum of 4 people per class 

Before joining classes, you will first be assessed for mobility, technique, as well previous injuries and your current sporting or fitness goals. 

From there, depending on your experience level and confidence, you may initially require some further 1:1 instruction before joining classes. This is to ensure that you have consistently comfortable technique during the class, making it a more enjoyable experience for you! 

If you have specific goals (e.g. increasing your squatting weight, or improving your hip mobility), we can also schedule a periodic re-assessment to ensure you’re achieving these goals. 

Current Class Coach: 

Dónal Ahern is an APA Titled Sports and Exercise physiotherapist and ASCA Level 1 Coach. He has significant experience working with the community and athletes to improve their physical fitness and reduce injury risk. He has a special interest in Strength and Conditioning for improving athletic performance and general health. 

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