podPodiatry deals with the biomechanics of the feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists diagnose and treat problems of the feet, including:

• Bone and joint problems
• Neurological and Circulatory conditions
• Skin and nail problems
• Corns
• Calluses
• Ingrown toenails

Podiatrists may manufacture and prescribe orthotics, which assist in stopping pressure lesions, deformity and pain in individuals that may have faulty foot biomechanics. Children’s feet need special attention by a Podiatrist. Children can have specific problems with the mechanics of their feet, predisposing them to potential problems in later life. Talk to your Clifton hill Pilates and Rehab Podiatrist about minimising your child’s foot problems.
Sports or athletic people place more pressure on their feet than normal day to day activities. Podiatrists can diagnose or treat injuries or pain. They may also be able to recommend appropriate footwear to prevent recurrence of any pain or injury.

Podiatrist Erica Michaelson

Podiatry at Clifton Hill Pilates and Rehab is lead by well-known local podiatrist Erica Michaelson to the team. Erica consults on all aspects of foot care and lower limb biomechanics, including advice on footwear, running shoes, the assessment of foot posture and orthotic prescription and treatment of foot and lower limb pain. Erica has a special interest in children’s feet, diabetic foot care, skin and nail conditions of the feet and sports and dance injuries. Erica is very experienced with difficult foot problems and is one of the very few podiatrists endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency to prescribe medications such as anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals and anti-biotics and to perform pain-relieving foot injections.

Podiatrist Sara Fearnside

Sara graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2009. Having completed her graduate year at Caulfield General Medical Centre, she gained exposure in all areas of podiatry but particularly in management of the diabetic foot, high risk foot conditions and wound care. After completing her graduate year Sara moved to the United Kingdom where she worked for four years in both private practice and in the public health sector. On returning to Australia Sara completed a short term contract in aged care before taking 12 months maternity leave. Sara has a special interest in Diabetic foot care, paediatrics and treatment of musculoskeletal foot pathologies.