Physiotherapy @ Clifton Hill Pilates & Rehab

Clifton Hill Pilates and Rehab proudly service the local Clifton Hill, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Abbotsford, Northcote, Carlton, Fairfield, Thornbury and Brunswick communities offering physio care for a broad range of conditions.

A Dedicated Team of Physiotherapists

Our team of experienced physiotherapists have a wide range of specialities and are well placed to diagnose and manage your problem. All practitioners at our clinic have completed or are completing postgraduate university training and most are involved in teaching, university lecturing and research.

During your first consultation at Clifton Hill Physiotherapy your physiotherapist will guide you through a detailed and comprehensive assessment and perform a physical examination to determine the cause of your problem and to outline the most effective treatment program for you. Your physiotherapist will educate you on your condition, its prognosis and the treatment required to fully recovering. They will discuss your goals with you and will work with you to achieve these – getting you back to what ever it is that you love doing, Your physiotherapist will also liaise with your doctor, sports physician, specialists, personal trainer or coach as required.

Once your condition has settled your physiotherapist will educate you on self management strategies to prevent recurrences. You will also be given a personalised exercise program and treatment plan to assist you in maintaining better health.

We adhere to an evidence-based approach, incorporating ‘hands-on’ manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and modern approaches such as dry needling and core stability programs into our in-rooms treatment sessions to optimise your return to health.

Our practice offers a service that stands apart, as we value excellence in quality care delivered by highly-educated and experienced physiotherapists.