Our Services

our-services-imgIndividual Consultations
An individually tailored exercise program to your meet your needs. The initial consultation includes a questionnaire, pre – exercise assessment, postural and movement assessment, and a conversation with your Exercise Physiologist. The information gathered will enable an evidence based, safe and effective exercise routine to be designed in preparation for your first supervised exercise consultation.

You are individually supervised during your subsequent consultations. We teach you how to perform the exercises, enabling you to gain confidence and knowledge of your own movement capacity. Exercise progressions and changes are taught to ensure that you continue to improve. We will deliver constant feedback, and provide you with clear and concise written instructions so that you can perform the routine in your own time. Video analysis of your exercises is also available if requested.

Share your consultation with one other participant, enabling you to be supervised for part of the appointment, but not all of it. This is offered to clients who have received individual supervision and then developed adequate competency of their exercise routine, but still need guidance and support. A great cost – effective method of getting help.

A maximum of four participants per appointment. You receive supervision and guidance by an Exercise Physiologist. The appointment is tailored to a specific need of the participants including chronic disease management and injury rehabilitation. Please refer to our Specialised Services Information for more details.