Mat Programs

Mat pilates is a great opportunity to get a full body work out! It is suitable for all levels, and challenges the individual to work within their own body. The class draws on key pilates principles of breathing, centring, alignment, and core control to improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility and coordination which will have you moving well and feeling fantastic!
Classes are limited to a maximum of 5 participants to ensure that feedback and corrections can be given to promote optimal quality movement. Small pieces of equipment may be used including foam rollers, theraband, balls and magic circles. Mat classes can be a great compliment to your regular studio pilates sessions and home pilates programme!
These classes are run by Cathy Derham, our Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Polestar Pilates certified Rehab Pilates Instructor.
Get in touch with reception to express your interest and book a spot today!
Classes are 60 minutes duration unless there is only one participant in which case the class will be shortened to 45 minutes.
Mat Classes currently run on a Tuesday evening.