Maintain a routine and enjoy the festive season

At this time of the year life can get really busy! It’s easy to be distracted by the pressures that come with the festive season and year’s end. Our priorities can shift from maintaining our “normal, healthy” routines to avoiding exercise and eating and drinking too much.

This can result in a few kilos being added, a loss of lean muscle mass, our aches and pains return or worsen, and we are left feeling exhausted as we enter the new year. Sound familiar?

One of the best ways to maintain our health and wellbeing during the festive season is to engage in a moderate exercise routine. Whilst enjoying the pleasures that eating and drinking bring exercising in moderation is the key. Moderate exercise such as swimming, walking, body weight resistance training, stretching, and floor exercises enable us to return to our normal routines in good shape and feeling great!

It’s important to focus on the bigger picture. Don’t stress if you over indulge on one or two occasions. Last time I checked there are 52 weeks in a year, so a few days here and there of no exercise and eating too much won’t actually change your overall health.

Enjoying a break from structured and intense exercise can be really beneficial to assist with recovery and preparation for the next phase of your routine. Use the festive season to focus on your weaknesses, such as improving your posture, resting muscle groups that have been overused at work, or doing your rehab specific exercises prescribed by your health professional.

Our minds and bodies enjoy a routine, so it’s important to continue to exercise during the festive season. Maintaining an exercise routine enables you to recover more quickly from any excesses, reduces your risk of injury and prepares your mind and body for the new year.

Speak with our experienced and qualified staff and we’ll set you up with an exercise routine that’s individualised, that’s portable (you can do it on holiday), and that enables you to maintain your health and enjoy the festive season!


Mike Fitzsimon 

(Bachelor Applied Science (Physical Education) / Graduate Diploma Sport & Recreation Management)

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