“Functional Fitness” is a group circuit class run by Andrew Firth designed for up to 4 people at a time. It utilises a wide variety of movements that include bodyweight strengthening, mobility drills, classic Pilates, weight training, and more. These classes run at a faster pace than regular Pilates sessions, elevating your heart rate and challenging your cardiovascular fitness. It is due to this heightened intensity that our Functional Fitness classes run for 45 minutes, rather than our typical 1 hour sessions.


There are certain fitness benchmarks that each person should strive to maintain. We all need strong glutes. We all need a strong core. We all need a healthy cardiorespiratory system, and we all need to maintain a functional range of movement around our hips, shoulders, spine, and more. For some, Functional Fitness classes provide an opportunity to challenge these benchmarks in a fun, controlled environment. For others, Functional Fitness is a gateway from rehab back into full-intensity training either in the gym or out on the track.


Examples of “Functional Fitness” Equipment:

Exercise Bike

Elliptical Trainer


Cable Machine

Squat Rack



Resistance Bands

Foam Rollers

Stability Ball

and more…




Before commencing Functional Fitness, each client must complete our Functional Fitness Pre-Exercise Screening Tool 1-1  and participate in a compulsory, 15 minute Fitness Introduction with their trainer. This process is essential for identifying and minimising risks to your health.



Fitness Introduction orFitness Review: $25

Individual Class Cost: $45

x5 Class Pack: $210

  • By purchasing a x5 Class Pack you not only save $$, but you are entitled to a FREE 15 minute Fitness Review* (or Fitness Introduction), to be booked at reception by you**
  • Fitness Reviews mean precious 1:1 time with your trainer. This time will be used to discuss goals, obstacles, or even technique for those tricky exercises that may be holding you back

* You are entitled to x1 Fitness Review per x5 Class Pack, and this must be used before your Pack expires. You may not stockpile Fitness Reviews

**Your booking time must coincide with your trainer’s specified availability

All prices include GST.