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Masterchef 2019 has kicked off to a delicious start!

Continuing with the successful format from last year, our in-house Masterchef comp has a “lucky dip” for the budding chef to pick the feature ingredient. Each dish is judged on taste, presentation, and how well they showcased the feature ingredient. For an additional twist this year, some new ingredients have been added to spice things […]

Persistent buttock pain- its probably not sciatica.

A PAIN IN THE BUTT The most common cause of persisting deep buttock pain or lateral (on the outside) hip pain is not sciatica, but caused by tendinopathy of the gluteal tendons: usually Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus tendons. It’s also often misdiagnosed as bursitis, and treated (ineffectively) with cortisone or other injections. This very […]


Are you getting enough sleep? More and more research is coming out about the importance of sleep, yet almost a third of us get less than 7 hours quality sleep each night. Sleep takes place in three stages and deep sleep actually allows your brain to clean itself. Put scientifically, during deep sleep, the spaces […]

Women in Sport – A Growing Force!

Sport Australia recently released the latest AusPlay data which details sports participation across the nation. Netball has retained its position as the leading team sport for women and girls in Australia, with over 1 million actively participating in netball and choosing netball as the sport they most closely identify with. It is fantastic to read […]

DRAM (Abdominal seperation) – an update from Ali Harding

Abdominal Separation: What is it? Can we prevent it? And what to do about it!   Ali recently headed to Sydney to update her skills and knowledge on DRAM management and the function  of the abdominal wall. Abdominal separation or DRAM (Diastasis Rectus Abdominal Muscle separation), happens commonly during pregnancy, and, to a degree is […]

Pilates and health reform -all you need to know.

You may be aware that the Department of Health’s private health insurance reforms for natural therapies will take effect from 1 April 2019. This means private health insurance rebates will no longer be available for a number of natural therapies. Physiotherapists will be the only practitioners who will be eligible to deliver exercises drawn from Pilates […]