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We are excited about Dónal’s new STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING CLASSES

Strength and Conditioning Classes  Strength and Conditioning (SnC) classes at Clifton Hill Pilates and Rehab are aimed at people who are looking to improve their physical fitness and performance through high-intensity resistance and cardiovascular training.  What is Strength and Conditioning?  SnC improves your physical capacity and performance. We do this by consistently and progressively asking our bodies to adapt to an exercise stimulus. By performing these exercises in a particular way, we can achieve different goals – whether that’s improving […]


As we find ourselves back in lockdown, Victoria, we love these timely philosophical words of wisdom from the clever Andrew Firth. Stay well everyone and keep moving. ‘As I write this, Melbourne has just gone into a 5-day snap lockdown. The hammer has struck, the knee is recovering from a sudden jerk response, and already […]


Introducing our new online class: “Stretch & Breathe” with Adriane.This class focuses on mobility, breath and stretching exercises and aims at calming the central nervous system and achieving calm movement. People with chronic pain, stiffness and tightness and general areas of tension will particularly benefit from this class. Book online (https://cliftonhillphysio.janeapp.com.au/locations/clifton-hill-pilates-rehab/book#/online-chpr-connect-exercise-classes) or call reception on […]

Teaching on Zoom: A Glance Behind the Scenes

(This account by Andrew is a snapshot of how dedicated and hard working our team is. They have all gone to great lengths to continue to provide outstanding and safe healthcare. We thank them all and feel lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people) Andrew Firth is Clifton Hill Pilates and Rehab’s […]

Osgood-Schlatter Disease – Let’s Get Proactive!

This might surprise you, but 1 in 10 adolescents experience knee pain that stops them taking part in the exercise they love. Most of these young people would struggle to tell you the name of their knee condition (it’s a mouthful), but what they can easily recall is the characteristic painful lump, and significant time […]


Sonja is one of our physiotherapists and pilates instructors, with a special interest in exercise-based rehab and functional strength. Here she give you a step-by-step guide as venture back to the training room. Sonja has a very cute cat called Kimchi. As we arrive at the long-awaited re-opening of gyms on 22nd June, some of […]